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Asian American and Pacific Islanders

As the fastest growing minority group in the country, the Asian American population is projected to grow to approximately 40 million people and the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander population to 2.6 million by 2050. Nearly two-thirds of Asian Americans are foreign-born, and of the estimated 11.2 million undocumented people in the country, approximately 1 million are of Asian descent. Yet, due to outdated immigration policies, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, alongside all other immigrant populations, live at risk and in fear of deportation, suffer long separations from their loved ones, and are vulnerable to abuse because of their immigration status. Despite our deep economic and cultural contributions, our community has been unable to fully participate as citizens in the nation we call home.

Because of the impact the potential immigration bill will have on Asian Americans, a group of national organizations have come together to create a coordinated Asian American immigration campaign through the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans to share information, coordinate events and amplify our community's issues in the media.

We believe that reforms to immigration law and policy must promote a vision of full integration and equal rights for immigrants that include access to the economic supports, education and the health care programs their tax dollars already support.

Our communities comprise the rich and diverse fabric that is our society.

Founders of the Asian American Immigration Table

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